Bulgaria – Floods in Vratsa Province, State of Emergency in Mezdra

Heavy rain in northern Bulgaria on 24 May 2015 triggered flooding in parts of Vratsa Province.

The town of Mezdra, which sits near the banks of the Iskar river, was one of the worst affected areas. Streets and homes in lower lying areas of the town were flooded and a state of emergency was declared by the mayor of the municipality Nikolina Katovska. This has since been lifted.

The floods and heavy rainfall caused minor landslides in the area. At the peak of the floods, the E-79 between road was blocked between Mezdra and Vratsa. Trains around Mezdra were suspended. Repairs have now been made to the E-79 and traffic has returned to normal.

Local media report that residents in Vodenets were evacuated after the Iskar river broke its banks. There were also reports of flooding in the villages of Moravitsa and Lyuti.