Crimea – More Floods After Heavy Rain Leave 1 Dead, Dozens Evacuated

Dozens of people have evacuated homes after more flooding in Russian annexed Crimea after heavy rain caused rives to overflow.

Clearing flood debris in Crimea, 04 July 2021. Photo: Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia in the Republic of Crimea

The Crimea section of Russia’s Emergency Ministry (EMERCOM) reported that the worst affected areas are in Bakhchisarai District, where the Belbek and Kokkozka rivers broke their banks. As of 05 July, 164 people including 31 children had been evacuated and as many as 100 homes flooded. Twelve temporary accommodation centres have been set up to house those displaced.

Local media, quoting official sources, said 1 person died and 1 was injured in the Bakhchisarai floods.

Severe flooding struck Crimea in mid-June in particular in Yalta and Kerch. Over 1,0300 people were evacuated, 1 person died, 1 is still missing and around 50 people were injured.

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