Cyprus – Flash Floods Leave 4 Dead

Heavy rain over the last few days has caused flooding in parts of the Mediterranean and Middle East, including Israel, where evacuations have been carried out, and Cyprus where at least 4 people have died.

Further rain is possible over the coming days, in particular in Lebanon, Israel and Jordan, which has seen deadly flood events in late October and mid-November.


At least 4 people died when their vehicle was swept away by flooding near the city of Kyrenia (Girne), on the northern coast of Cyprus on Wednesday, 05 December, 2018.

Damage was also reported in the capital Nicosia and roads and schools have been temporarily closed. The flooding was triggered by heavy rain that has fallen since 04 December. Local media reports said that rivers burst their banks.

Images on Social Media showed flood waters surging through streets, and cars swept away or submerged.


Local media in Israel reported heavy rain from Wednesday 05 December, which caused flooding in several areas, including Tel Aviv, Yavne and Rehovot, where dozens of children had to be rescued from their flooded preschool building. No injuries were reported.

Media said that Hadera Stream recorded 20 mm of rain in one hour. According to Ogimet figures, 114.1 mm of rain was recorded at Ben-Gurion Airport, Tel Aviv in 24 hours to 07 December.

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