Europe – Floods in Switzerland, Italy and Germany After 50mm of Rain in 1 Hour

More storms have hit parts of Europe, causing flooding in parts of Switzerland, northern Italy and Germany, where one man has died.

Meanwhile, storm damage in Austria has left 14,000 households without electricity in Styria. One person died after strong winds downed trees in the city of Graz.


In Germany, a man died when he was swept away by the flood water of the overflowing Partnach river in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Bavaria, on 12 June, 2018.

Also in Bavaria, flooding affected parts of Landshut on the River Isar, and the district of Freyung-Grafenau. Local observers said that Landshut recorded 74.8 mm of rain during the storm.

In the state of Baden-Württemberg, firefighters were called on to carry out dozens of interventions after flooding in Waldachtal.

DWD said 60 mm of rain fell in many areas in just a few hours between 12 and 13 June. Vilgertshofen-Pflugdorf recorded 52 mm in just 1 hour and 100.1 mm in 24 hours.

German Weather Service (DWD) has forecast further heavy rain for parts of southern Bavaria, with 30 mm to 45 mm expected, and possibly up to 70 mm in some areas.

Two rivers in Bavaria remain high. On 13 June the Kleine Vils river at Dietelskirchen stood at 1.76 metres, above reporting stage 3 (of 4). Flooding level is considered to be 2.6 metres.

The Altmühl river at Thann stood at 2.61 metres on 13 June, also at reporting stage 3, but under flood level of 3.5 metres.

Both rivers were showing signs of falling as of 13 June.

Flooded road in Landshut, Bavaria, Germany, 12 June 2018. Photo: Freiwillige Feuerwehr Stadt Landshut
Local firefighters respond to flooding in Landshut, Bavaria, Germany, 12 June 2018. Photo: Freiwillige Feuerwehr Stadt Landshut


In Switzerland, Lausanne and other parts of the Lake Geneva region were battered by heavy thunderstorms and a record downpour during the evening of 11 June, causing flash flooding.

Numerous streets, houses and shops were flooded in and around the city of Lausanne, and the railway station’s underpass was also filled with water. The police received over 500 emergency calls and the fire service were called out to 240 incidents.

Lausanne recorded 78,6 mm of rain in 24 hours to early 12 June. Swiss public broadcaster SFR Meteo said a record 41.1mm of rain fell in Lausanne in a ten-minute period at around 23:00, beating the previous ten-minute record of 36.1mm set in 2017 in Eschenz, canton Thurgau.


One hour of torrential rain turned roads into rivers in Rosta, east of Turin, Italy, on Tuesday, 12 June, leaving homes damaged and ripping up road surfaces. The heavy rain also caused the Cellino river to overflow.

Arpa Piedmont said Vialfrè, situated to the north of Turin, recorded 60 mm of rain in 1 hour.

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