Floods Kill 3 in Rhodes, Greece

The flash floods which struck the small Greek island on Friday 22 November have now resulted in the deaths of three people. One further person is still missing and Greek rescue services are continuing their search.

The missing person is understood to be a teacher who was in a car that had became stranded in the flood water. One person died in the tragedy while rescue services managed to get to save the third passenger.

Torrential rainfall, lasting around 2 hours on Friday, caused major flooding in several parts of the island. The Greek meteorological service said that around 173mm of rain had fallen in the short period. One of the worst affected areas was the northern town of Ialysos. Further rain fell on Saturday and although weather conditions returned to normal on Sunday, Greek forecasters believe further heavy rainfall can be expected from today, Monday 25 November.

floods rhodes
Flooded street in Rhodes, Greece. Photo: twitter.com/thesout

The floods caused temporary power cuts across the island and several of the island’s roads were damaged, as well as many buildings. Early estimates say the flooding has caused around 5 million euros of damage. The local emergency services received around 140 calls in the aftermath of the floods, many of whom were trapped in their cars.

car in floods greece
Car caught in flood water, Rhodes, Greece. Photo: twitter.com/sporfmvolos

A state of emergency was declared in the worst affected areas of the island. A Super Puma rescue helicopter and further rescue personnel had to be called in on Saturday 23 November. Rhodes was struck by flash floods in October this year. No casualties were reported during this incident however.

The video report below (in Greek) shows some striking images of the floods.

Map – Floods in Rhodes, Greece

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