Floods in Southern Portugal Leave 1 Dead

Southern Portugal suffered strong winds and heavy rains yesterday, 01 November 2015, causing floods that have left at least one person dead and several homeless.

The storm and heavy rain struck around midday, causing severe flooding in several of the regions popular tourist destinations including Loulé, Albufeira, Portimão, Olhão and Silves. Some locals reported that the flood water was up to 1.5 metres deep, submerging cars and flooding buildings.

One of the worst hit was the coastal town of Albufeira, where several people had to be evacuated, and several homes and business have suffered major damage. Exact details of how many have been displaced are as yet unknown. Local authorities there are today considering making a public disaster declaration. Local defence officials say that the flood water has started to recede now that the heavy rain has stopped.

Local media report that one man has died in the floods. The man had been missing since Sunday evening. His body was found in his car in Boliqueime by emergency rescue teams earlier today.


On average, areas of southern Portugal expect to see around 100 mm of rainfall in a month during this time of year. Between 01 and 02 November, Sagres saw 94 mm of rain in 24 hours, according to WMO figures. During the same period, Faro airport saw 88 mm and the town of Sines 58 mm of rain. Most of the rain during a 10 hour period.

Wind speeds of up to 80 km.h were also recorded in some areas.

The weather in the region is expected to remain unsettled until later this week although the strong winds and heavy rain is expected to move eastwards away from Portugal and towards southern Spain.

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