Floods in Puglia, Italy

After flash floods struck in Grosseto, Tuscany earlier this week, Italy has suffered further flooding, this time in the southern region of Apulia (Puglia), the heel of Italy.

Heavy rainfall began late on Monday, 7th October and resulted in floods across the western side of the province of Taranto, and some coastal areas of the province of Matero. The heavy rain led to dangerously high water levels in the Bradano and Lato rivers. The towns of Ginosa and Marina di Ginosa were particularly badly affected. Other towns that suffered include Castellaneta, Castellaneta Marina and Palagianello.

Flood water blocked roads in Bari and Castellaneta. A bridge near to Ginosa is also believed to have collapsed under the force of flood waters. Other bridges have been made unsafe by the flooding, making transport around the affected area all but impossible.

Residents of the town of Marinella in Marina di Ginosa were evacuated after levels of the Bradano threatened their homes. The same area suffered from severe flooding in March 20111. Fire-fighters, police, civil defence, and emergency and rescue workers have been involved in helping with some evacuations and to rescue motorists who were trapped in their vehicles by the flood waters.

Cars and buildings have also been damaged. An uninhabited house in Ginosa Marina has been reported as completely destroyed in the floods. Many schools have been closed in the area. Parts of Ginosa saw mud and debris washing through the streets.

Floods in Castellaneta, Italy
Floods in Castellaneta, Italy
Image: You Reporter

The local media have reported that at least 2 people have died, with between 2 and 4 more missing after flash floods struck in Ginosa, in the province of Taranto.

This area of southern Italy is particularly vulnerable to flooding in autumn and spring time. Previously floods also struck in parts of Taranto in September 2003, November 2004, March 2011, September 2011, and October 2012.

The city of Brindisi in Apulia has also suffered flooding, and saw over 10cm of rain in 24 hours during the period from 7th to 8th October. Many roads were impassable and much of the city’s streets were under water.

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Photo Credit: You Reporter