Floods in Romania

Flash flooding hit parts of Romania late on Monday 1st October 2013. The authorities have issued flood warnings until Wednesday. Temperatures are reported as being 10 degrees lower than normal in some areas, and have been accompanied by heavy rainfall and storm winds of around 70 kmh. Constanta reported nearly 10cm of rain in 24 hours, and Calarasi 6.5cm. The unusual weather situation in the country has been described as “unimaginable” for October.

Flood Warnings
Code Orange flood warnings have been issued for 8 counties in south east Romania – Ilfov, Virginia, Giurgiu, Calarasi, Ialomita, Braila, Tulcea and Constanta. The most vulnerable area is considered to be Dobrogea, where seven major rivers are at risk of flooding. Flood warnings for 10 other rivers have also been issued.

Yellow flood warnings were issued for nearly all of the southern half of Romania – around 13 counties. Bucharest had earlier been issued an orange flood warning but this has since been down graded to yellow and will remain until tomorrow at least. Railways have experienced some problems, but the airports of the capital remain open and no delays were reported as a result of the bad weather.

floods in romania
Flood Warnings in Romania
Photo: Pro TV

Flooding to Continue
Flooding in Romania was predicted by forecasters at Metcon. Their further forecasts suggest that flooding on a lesser scale will continue in Romania until 3rd October.

Riomania flood map

Flood Potential for Romania for 2nd October 2013
Flood Potential for Romania for 2nd October 2013
Flood Potential for Romania for 3rd October 2013
Flood Potential for Romania for 3rd October 2013

Rainfall and Snow
Rainfall has been torrential across the southern parts of the country. Those counties still under the orange flood warning could see rainfall of up to 80 litres per square metre. Other less threatened areas in southern Romania may still see rainfall of over 25 litres per square metre.

However, in the Carpathians, Transylvania and Wallachia, the temperatures are so cold these areas are more likely to see snow and sleet. Temperatures are 10 degrees lower than the average for this time of year.

Heavy rainfall and strong winds caused flooding in Bucharest. Pro TV claimed that almost the whole of the city was under water. Three people have been injured, 75 cars damaged and 146 trees have been uprooted by the storm. Emergency services are currently working to ease the flooding and remove the storm debris. Temporary flood defences have been installed in parts of the city.

September Floods
Romania had experienced severe flooding a few weeks earlier, on 12th September, in Galati, an eastern region of the country. As many as nine people, including an 8 year old girls, were killed as a result of the floods then. 400 people needed to be rescued and 100s of others were forced to evacuate their homes which had been inundated in the floods.

Sources: Pro TV; Business 24; BBC