France – One Missing After Flash Floods in North

Thunderstorms accompanied by heavy rains caused flooding in Marne, Somme and Oise departments of northern and eastern France, 20 to 21 June 2021.

One person was reported missing after flash floods in the city of Beauvais and surrounding areas in Oise Department. Search operations are continuing for a man after he was swept away by flood water of the Thérain River.

The government of Oise Department said 35 to 60 mm of rain fell in Beauvais in just 1 hour late on 21 June. Firefighters carried out more than 600 interventions as a result of flooding and storm damage, including 412 in Beauvais, 92 in Tillé and 57 in Auneuil. Several roads in affected areas have been closed.

The Thérain River, which runs through the city of Beauvais and is a tributary of the Oise, jumped from around 0.70 metres to 2.34 metres in the space of a few hours on 21 June. This beats the previous recorded high of 2.33 metres set on 27 December, 1999.

Levels of the Thérain River at Beauvais, France June 2021. Image: Vigicrues

In Marne Department, storms left hundreds of homes were left without power across and firefighters responded to over 70 calls for assistance. Severe flooding affected Reims in Marne Department, where videos showed flood water dragging vehicles through city streets. Areas of Reims reportedly saw more than 50 mm of rain in 2 hours during the eventing of 21 June. This is the second violent storm and flash flood to affect the city in the last few days.

Meanwhile local media reported around 12 people were evacuated from a campsite in Loeuilly in Ô-de-Selle municipality in Somme department due to the threat of flooding. The municipalities of Gamaches, Frettemeule, Maisnières, Poix-de-Picardie, Ponty, Boves, Saint-en-Amiénois and Maigneville were also affected by the severe weather and firefighters responded to 130 interventions.

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