France and Luxembourg – Emergency Rescues After Rivers Rise

Days of heavy rain caused flooding in parts of eastern France and Luxembourg.

Emergency services carried out flood rescues in Luxembourg, where several roads had to be closed due to flooding. Luxembourg Fire Service said they were called to 270 interventions for bad weather by late evening 04 February.

Firefighters rescued 3 people were trapped in vehicles in Mertzig and Mertert. In Reisdorf, two people were rescued after flood waters from the overflowing Sûre River had trapped them in their homes.

In France, media reported dozens of roads were also closed in eastern parts of the country, in particular in the departments of Moselle and Meurthe-et-Moselle.

Meteo France said that several eastern locations recorded up to 150mm of rain in a 48 hour period to 03 February, which is the equivalent of 3 weeks of rain for this time of year.

The Aisne river at Vouziers reached 4.10 metres on 05 February, the third highest on record. Authorities said that, as of 05 February, the Saulx and Ornain rivers in Marne and Meuse departments were also experiencing high levels. Levels of the Aire and Aisne rivers had shown signs of falling in the departments of Ardennes, Marne and Meuse.

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