Greece – Deadly Floods in Attica Region (Updated)

Update, 21 November 2017

Greek authorities have carried out damage assessments in areas of West Attica affected by flash floods of 15 November, 2017.

Government spokesman Dimitris Tzanakopoulos said on 20 November that special technical departments of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, consisting of 120 engineers, have carried out 1,154 inspections to record the damages in Mandra, Nea Peramos and Megara.

In the municipality of Mandra-Idylia 925 inspections were carried out in total and found that 733 buildings suffered flood damage. The damaged buildings include 588 homes, 67 business premises, 5 public buildings and 73 warehouses and basements.

In Megara and Nea Peramos a total of 229 inspections were carried out and found that 222 buildings were damaged by flooding. Of these, 142 are residences, 30 business premises, 2 public buildings and 48 warehouses and basements.

More damage assessments are still to be carried out.

Owners of buildings found to have suffered damage will be entitled to compensation from the Greek government.

“All buildings that have sustained damage will receive emergency funding of €5,000 while businesses in the same situation will receive €8,000,” Dimitris Tzanakopoulos said.

21 Dead, 1 Missing

The death toll has risen steeply since 15 November when the flash floods hit. In the day following the floods, search and rescue teams found a further 15 bodies. Many of the victims were elderly people found in their basement homes.

SAR teams continue to search areas for one person still missing.

Update, 20 November 2017

Emergency services have recovered more bodies from the flooding that struck West Attica from 15 November. Local media report that 20 people have now died in the floods.

Fire services say they rescued 96 people from flooded homes or cars in the affected areas of Nea Peramos, Mandra and Megara.

The floods are considered to be one of the worst in the region’s history. Hundreds of homes and dozens of roads are thought to have suffered severe damage although full damage assessments are yet to be carried out.

Drone footage filmed by the National University in Athens:

Original report, 15 November 2017

Greek civil protection authorities say that at least 5 people have died in flash flooding in West Attica in the Attica region of the country, close to the capital Athens.

The deaths occurred in Mandra (4) and Megara (1). Authorities say at least 4 more people have been reported missing. The town of Nea Peramos has also been badly affected.

The floods came after a slow moving storm brought torrential rain overnight, 14 to 15 November. Roads, homes and businesses have been damaged, although full damage assessments are yet to be carried out.

Civil Protection said that, as of around midday 15 November, the service had received 340 calls for help with flooding and evacuations from homes or escape from vehicles in
the Nea Peramos, Megara and Mandra areas.

Flooding affected parts of Attica and central and western Greece in November last year. At least one person died as a result.

Social Media Images of Attica Floods

Corfu and Igoumenitsa

The flooding in Attica is the second deadly flash flood in Greece in the last 4 days. On 11 November flooding was reported in Corfu and Igoumenitsa in the north west of the country. One person died when his vehicle was swept away by flood water in Corfu.


On 13 November heavy rain and floods caused severe damage in Symi Municipality of Rhodes Regional District of the South Aegean Region. Greece Civil Protection declared a state of emergency. Civil Protection reported that the floods had caused major damage in the municipality, with homes and businesses affected, streets covered in mud and flood debris and cars dragged through the streets as far as the sea.

Social Media Images of Symi Floods

More Rain Forecast

More rain has been forecast for parts of Greece over the next few days, including Ionian and Western Greece and Central Macedonia.