Greece – “Unimaginable Amounts of Water” as Floods and Rain Continue

Heavy rain is continuing to fall in Greece, where catastrophic floods have caused devastating material damages and at least 3 fatalities.

“I know the word unprecedented has been used many times and it may not make an impression. But here even this word does not convey the severity of the phenomenon,” Climate Crisis and Civil Protection Minister Vassilis Kikilias.

“We are talking about unimaginable amounts of water,” he added.

Flood rescue in Greece, September 2023. Photo: Greek Fire Service

The heavy rain is continuing to fall as the country enters its fourth day of severe weather, referred to as Storm Daniel. As of early 07 September, the ANA-MPA new agency reported flooding in Rovies in Northern Evia.

According to recent figures from Meteo Greece, the highest amount of rain from midnight to the morning of 07 September occurred in Kalambaka in Trikala with 85 mm.

Previously Storm Daniel produced record heavy rainfall of 754 mm in Zagora in just under 21 hours on 05 September. The following day the city of Karditsa recorded 331 mm in 19 hours.

In a press conference of 06 September, the Climate Crisis and Civil Protection Minister Vassilis Kikilias said Storm Daniel has caused enormous destruction to infrastructure, homes and businesses.

Between 05 and 06 September, the Greek Fire Service received 4,870 calls for assistance which included rescues, evacuations, pumping flooded homes and clearing fallen trees.

Among the worst affected areas is Magnesia in the Thessaly Region, where 280 people have been rescued or evacuated and 350 buildings pumped of water.

Elsewhere, 90 people have been evacuated in Larissa, 70 in Kardista, 40 in Trikalia, 20 in Skiathos, and 9 in Evia.

Minister Vassilis Kikilias confirmed in his press conference that 2 people had lost their lives in areas around the city of Volos. Emergency crews were searching for 4 people still feared missing. Two people previously reported missing have been found safe.

Since then, the body of one of the reported missing was found in Paltsi in the Magnesia region, the Greek Fire Service said.