Italy – Evacuations After Floods and Landslides in Lombardy

A landslide and flooding has forced 146 residents and tourists to evacuate homes and hotels in the commune of Casargo, Lecco Province in the Lombardy Region of Italy.

Floods and landslides in Casargo, Lombardy Italy, 06 August 2019. Photo: Government of Lombardy

Heavy rain in the region triggered the landslide and flooding of the Varrone river on 06 August, 2019. Local media described an avalanche of debris and mud that has left homes, roads and vehicles damaged. The SP 67 road was completely blocked for some time.

Antonio Leonardo Pasquini, mayor of Casargo, said there were no fatalities. However the material damages are severe and the mayor has called for the government to declare a state of disaster.

According to ARPA Lombardia, the region’s weather and environment agency, the weather station at Premana, about 2 km north east of Casargo, recorded 176mm of rain in 48 hours to 07 August, with 105mm of that total falling in around 2 hours during the evening of 06 August.

Rainfall in Premana, Lombardy, Italy 06 to 07 August 2019. Image: ARPA Lombardia

Heavy rain caused flooding in this area in mid-June, when homes, businesses and a campsite were evacuated in Dervio, Premana and Primaluna due to flooding from the Varrone and Pioverna rivers.

Other areas of Lombardy were also affected by the severe weather. Landslides and flood debris caused a bridge to collapse in Ono San Pietro in Brescia Province. There was also flooding in parts of Bergamo Province, where emergency services were called to around 20 incidents, mostly involving vehicles.

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