Norway – Record Rain Causes Flooding in South

Severe flooding has been reported in parts of southern Norway after heavy rain brought by storm Synne between 04 and 06 December 2015. Maudal in Gjesdal, Rogaland saw just under 300 mm of rain in 3 days.

No injuries or deaths have been reported. However the flooding has caused some damage to roads, bridges and homes in Rogaland, Aust-Agder and Vest-Agder counties. Around 100 families had to be evacuated from their homes in Eigersund, Rogaland county. Norway’s state broadcaster, NRK, reports that around 30 farms have also been severely hit, suffering major damage.

floods norway december 2015
Floods in Eigersund, Norway, December 2015. Photo: Eigersund Kommune

The rain has now stopped but river levels remain high. Authorities in Sweden also report high river levels in western parts of Götaland and nothern part of Halland.

Parts of southern Norway saw flooding earlier this year after 97 mm of rain fell in Melsom during a 24 hour period between 01 and 02 September 2015.

The last major floods to hit Norway were in October last year when rivers overflowed in the counties of Sogn og Fjordane and Hordaland.

Sweden saw severe flooding just a few months ago when 97 mm of rain fell in 24 hours between 05 and 06 September in Hjortkvarn, Örebro County.

Norway – Record Rainfall

178 mm of rain fell was recorded in Eik-Hove, Rogaland, and 175 mm in Bakke, Vest-Agder over a 2 day period, breaking previous records according to YR Norway, a weather service run by Meteorologisk institutt and state broadcaster NRK.

Figures below are from Norway’s Meteorologisk institutt for a 24 hour period:

05 December 2015

Eikemo, Hordaland – 178 mm
Krittle, Hordaland- 101.3 mm

06 December 2015

Maudal, Rogaland – 140.5 mm
Bakke, Vest-Agder – 110 mm
Eik-Hove, Rogaland – 109.1mm

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