Romania – 1 Dead, 1 Missing, Dozens Evacuated After Floods and Rain Affect 16 Counties

Authorities in Romania report that floods, heavy rain and strong winds have affected wide areas of the country since 18 June 2021. As of 23 June as many as 16 counties were affected.

Firefighters were called on to remove flood water from houses, yards and streets or responded to incidents of wind damage including downed trees and power lines.

In a tragic incident in Bacău County, a car participating in an off-road competition was dragged by waters of the swollen Oituz river in Poiana Sărată. The driver of the car died in the incident, while the passenger managed to escape the vehicle.

Firefighters carried out searches for a man reported missing in flood water on 18 June in Mănăstirea Cașin, Bacău county. Seven people were pre-emptively evacuated due to flooding in the same area.

Around 60 people were also pre-emptively evacuated from homes in Biliesti, Vrancea County due to the overflow of the Putna River from around 20 June. Evacuees were moved to the homes of friends or relatives.

Firefighters were called on to rescue 12 workers who had become isolated by flood water from the rising Zăbala River in Nereju, Vrancea County on 19 June.

Meanwhile flood waters damaged a bridge in Neamț County, leaving at least 4 families isolated in Piatra Șoimului Commune.

Workers left isolated by floods in Floods Vrancea County, Romania, June 2021. Photo: Inspectoratul General pentru Situatii de Urgenta, Romania (IGSU)
Photo: Inspectoratul General pentru Situatii de Urgenta, Romania (IGSU)
Photo: Inspectoratul General pentru Situatii de Urgenta, Romania (IGSU)

Flood and Rainfall Warnings

As of 25 June, Romania’s National Institute of Hydrology and Water Management (INHGA) issued yellow and orange level warnings for rivers in much of the country’s south east region, while Administrația Națională de Meteorologie (Meteo Romania) issued orange or yellow level warnings for thunderstorms, heavy rain of up to 70 mm and wind gusts of over 80 km/h. Temperatures of over 38° C are possible in western areas.

River flood warnings Romania 24 June 2021. Image: INHGA