Serbia – State of Emergency After Floods Prompt Evacuations

Emergency officials in Serbia have declared an emergency after days of heavy rain caused widespread damage as rivers overflowed.

Floods in Osecina, Serbia, 21 June 2020. Photo: MUP

The Interior Ministry said in a statement: “A state of emergency was declared in the city of Loznica, the municipalities of Mali Zvornik, Krupanj, Osecina, Mionica, Lucani and parts of the municipalities of Ljubovija, Kosjeric and Arilje.”

According to reports from the Interior Ministry, evacuations have been carried out in the municipalities of Krupanj, Kosjeric, Lucani and Ljubovija, where the overflowing Ljubovida river caused widespread damage. Earlier the Jadar River broke its banks, flooding homes in Osecina.

Media reports that flooding has damaged homes and bridges. As of 23 June, officials said “the situation is more stable in Krupanj, Loznica, Osecina, while in Ljubovija, Guca, Lucani and Arilje the situation is still critical and the situation on the ground is being monitored.”

Meanwhile in neighbouring Bosnia, heavy rains caused flooding and landslides in the north east of the country and authorities in the Tuzla region have declared a state of natural disaster, according to Reuters.