Slovenia – Flash Floods in Ljubljana After 94mm of Rain in 1 Hour

Record rainfall of 94 mm in 1 hour caused flash flooding in Ljubljana, capital city of Slovenia, late on 29 September 2021.

The Administration for Protection and Rescue of the Republic (ACPDR) reported the Ljubljana regional centre received more than 2,700 calls for assistance late on 29 September. More than 500 buildings suffered flood damage, including the University Medical Centre hospital. Repairs to the hospital building were soon made and services returned to normal just hours later.

“Many thanks to our firefighters, technical services and the many employees who came to work and rescued the hospital so that it will be able to operate almost smoothly today,” the hospital said in a statement.

Roads and underpasses of the city were flooded and some vehicles were stranded. Ljubljana firefighters said that they had intervened in 364 reported events by early 30 September 2021. Local media reported several motorists were rescued after vehicles were stranded in flood water.

The Environmental Agency of the Republic of Slovenia (ARSO) reported the Bežigrad measuring station in Ljubljana recorded 63 mm of rain in 30 minutes and 94 mm in 60 minutes, a record for the station and among the highest ever recorded in Slovenia. The previous 60 minute record for the site was 62 mm recorded in August 1951. Other areas of the country also saw heavy rainfall, in particular in the north. The weather stations near Sotina in the Municipality of Rogašovci in the Prekmurje region of northeastern Slovenia recorded 58 mm in 30 minutes and 76 mm in 60 minutes.

94 mm of rain in 1 hour was recorded at Bežigradom in Ljubljana during the evening 29 September 2021. Image: ARSO vreme