Spain – Dozens Evacuated After More Floods in North

Heavy rain and flooding has continued to affect northern parts of Spain, in particular Cantabria and Basque regions.

Floods in Cantabria, Spain, Late November 2021. Photo: 112 Cantabria

Flooding first affected Cantabria and neighbouring Asturias from 24 November 2021.

Rain has continued, increasing river levels in Cantabria. As of 29 November, the overflowing Saja and Besaya rivers caused flooding in Torrelavega and Barreda.

Wide areas of the town of Ampuero were also flooded after the Pas river broke its banks. The province’s emergency management (112 Cantabria) said 82 people were evacuated from buildings affected by the floods, three in Ampuero and the rest in towns along the Pas basin. Cars were swept away by flooding in the streets of Vioño de Piélagos. Two people were rescued from vehicles trapped in flood water in Parbayón in Piélagos municipality.

The emergency management centre received 1,200 calls and responded to 450 incidents, mostly for flood damage in homes and commercial buildings, along with some fallen trees. At one point at least 16 roads were blocked.

Floods in Cantabria, Spain, November 2021. Photo:112 Cantabria

Basque Country

Heavy rain also affected areas of Basque Country. The Cadagua river broke its banks flooding areas of Bilbao where some residents were evacuated. Around 15 vehicles were submerged in flood water and around 5 people rescued. Civil protection responded to more than 400 incidents, most of them due to fallen trees, flooding and landslides.

The overflow of the Cadagua River also caused floods in other area, including the municipalities of Balmaseda, Sodupe, Zalla, Aranguren and Güeñes, while the overflowing Nervión flooded parts of Basauri, media said.

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