Spain – Flash Floods in Catalonia After 70mm of Rain in 30 Minutes

Civil Protection in Catalonia, Spain, reported severe flash floods in areas of Montsià and Baix Ebre on 01 September 2021.

Police rescued 2 people from a car during floods in Catalonia Spain, 01 September 2021. Photo: Mossos d’Esquadra / Police of Catalonia

Emergency services received over 700 calls for assistance for 527 incidents, including 479 in Alcanar municipality in Montsià Comarca, which was the hardest hit area.

Fast flowing flood waters swept through streets in Alcanar, dragging along cars, trees and furniture. Images shared on Social Media showed around 6 wrecked cars that had been swept from the town and dumped onto the beach. Roads were closed and Civil Protection warned against travel and requested residents avoid flooded areas and buildings. Over 80 people were evacuated from their homes or campsites in Alcanar and Ulldecona. Power supply to around 10,000 customers was interrupted in some areas but later restored. No fatalities have been reported.

Police of Catalonia Police said officers swam through flood waters to rescue 2 people from a vehicles trapped in a flooded areas close to the A-7 road.

Catalonia’s regional weather service Meteocat said 233.5 mm of rain fell in Alcanar in 24 hours on 01 September, including 77.7 mm in 30 minutes. The nearby town of Port dels Alfacs recorded 51.5 mm of rain in 30 minutes.

Other areas of Spain also saw severe weather, including thousands of lighting strikes and heavy rain. Train services between Madrid and Toledo were interrupted.

This is the third spate of flash flooding in Spain in the last few days. Record rain fell in parts of the Province of Castellón in the region of Valencia in Spain on 29 August 2021, causing damaging flash floods. Flash floods swept through Burunchel and nearby areas in Jaén Province, Andalusia on 25 August. Cars were were wrecked and houses flooded. Roads were buried in mud and flood debris.

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