Spain – Flood Rescues After Heavy Rain in West and Central Regions

Storm Efraín brought heavy rain and flooding to parts of western and central areas of Spain on 13 December 2022. Flood damage was reported in Extremadura, Castilla-La Mancha and the Community of Madrid.

Floods in Extremadura, 13 December 2022. Photo: Junta de Extremadura


The government of Extremadura placed the region’s Flood Risk Civil Protection Plan (INUNCAEX) in an emergency situation in response to the heavy rain and flooding in several provinces on 13 December 2022.

The 112 Emergency Center in Extremadura received over 1,000 calls on 13 December and responded to 225 incidents related to severe weather. Ten people were rescued in La Roca de la Sierra in the province of Badajoz where a road was completely destroyed. Firefighters rescued a man from the roof of a vehicle trapped in flood waters in Valdebótoa in Badajoz Province. Rescues were also carried out in nearby Gévora. Around 20 residents evacuate after homes were flooded in Zarza de Granadilla in Cáceres Province.

Floods destroyed a road in Extremadura, 13 December 2022. Photo: Junta de Extremadura

Community of Madrid

Emergency services in the Community of Madrid responded to 156 incidents, mostly in the south of the region. Firefighters reported flooding damaged homes in Majadahonda.

Castilla-La Mancha Region

Emergency services in Castilla-La Mancha Region reported over 120 incidents related to floods and severe weather in the region on 13 December 2022, including 41 incidents in Toledo, 33 in Ciudad Real, 31 in Cuenca, 12 in Guadalajara and 6 in Albacete. One person was rescued from the roof of a vehicle trapped in flood waters in San Martín de Pusa in Toledo.


According to figures from Spain’s State Meteorological Agency AEMET, many areas in Cáceres and Badajoz  Provinces in Extremadura and Toledo Province in Castilla-La Mancha recorded more than 90 mm of rain in 24 hours on 13 December.

  • Navalvillar de Ibor, Cáceres 120.4 mm
  • Puebla de Obando, Badajoz 119.4 mm
  • Guadalupe, Cáceres 113.4 mm
  • Zorita, Cáceres 111.2 mm
  • Cañamero, Cáceres 101.8 mm
  • Alburquerque, Badajoz 99.0 mm
  • Alcuescar, Cáceres 95.2 mm
  • San Pablo de los Montes, Toledo 90.8 mm
  • Herrera del Duque, Badajoz 90.4 mm

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