Spain – Rescues After Damaging Flash Floods in La Rioja

Emergency services were called on to rescue a driver trapped in flood waters after a storm in La Rioja, Spain on 14 June 2021.

SOS Rioja reported 54 weather-related incidents in a 3 hour period during the evening of 14 June, mostly in areas between Haro and Logroño. One person was rescued from flood waters in Navarrete. Flooding blocked roads in Briones and Uruñuela.

According to SOS Rioja, 31.1 mm of rain fell in Ezcaray and over 19 mm in both Haro and Nájera during the storm. Wind gusts of over 70 km/h were also reported.

One of the worst affected areas was the town Fuenmayor where two small rivers that run through the town broke their banks, causing sever damage to buildings and roads.

Previously a severe storm caused wind damage and flooding in Ourense in Galicia, northern Spain on 13 June. Meteo Galicia reported 16 mm of rain fell in 10 minutes and wind gusts of 76 km/h. Some streets and buildings were flooded but the worst of the damage appears to have been a result of strong winds.

Southern and central parts of the country saw severe weather from 05 to 06 June 2021, when thunderstorms, hail and heavy rains resulted in damage and some flooding in Murcia, Castile-La Mancha and the province of Cordoba in Andalusia.

Heavy rain flooded streets and buildings in Tomelloso, Castile-La Mancha. Local media reported 140 weather-related incidents on 06 June, adding that 70mm of rain fell in 2 hours.

The Emergency Coordination Center of the Region of Murcia attended a total of 61 incidents related to the episode of rain and storms 05 to 06 June. The most affected areas were Yecla (15 incidents), Molina de Segura (13), Murcia (9) and Jumilla (7).

Heavy rain, hail and strong wind affected Pozoblanco, Cabra and Bujalance in the province of Cordoba on 05 June 2021. Some houses were flooded.

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