Denbighshire Floods Report

People in the UK might remember news of the floods that hit north Wales during 26th and 27th November 2012. Particularly badly hit was the county of Denbighshire in the north east of Wales. An interim report of the affect and cost of the floods was released today.

The report describes the flood as a “one in every 200 years event”. The 2012 flood was mostly due to the fact that the River Elwy burst its banks, with river levels hitting record heights, and thus leaving any flood defences useless.

Around 500 residential homes across as many as12 separate communities were affected by the flooding. Many of these homes are owned by the local council, and today’s report suggests that the floods have left the county council with massive insurance claims of up to £1 million in relation to flood related damage to their council homes. Of course there will also be significant insurance claims from resident of private (non-council owned) properties also.

According to the BBC, the local people have been looking at different ways to find funds to help re-build their communities:

Earlier this month Denbighshire Voluntary Services Council (DVSC) received a Big Lottery Fund grant of £140,000 which will help people in the affected homes in St Asaph.

A separate appeal to help the community was started by the local council last year which has so far collected over £165,000.

Meanwhile, St Asaph Cricket Club has launched its own £300,000 appeal to rebuild its riverside facilities after its main building had to be demolished due to flood damage.

The floods of November 2012 affected areas such as St Asaph, Gellifor, Rhuddlan,, Llanynys, Llanbedr, Loggerheads, Glyndyfrdwy and Corwen. St Asaph was particularly badly struck and flooding there resulted in the death of one woman.

A flood protection scheme is now planned for Corwen, at a cost of £2.5 million. Another outcome of the floods has been an investigation into why the newly-built Glasdir estate in Ruthin was so badly hit by flood waters. The floods there were so bad, local residents had to find temporary accommodation whilst their properties dried out. Flooding on newly built housing estates is a particularly controversial issue in the United kingdom at the moment. The government has been accused of allowing property developers to build on floodplains and in high flood risk areas. Many feel it is inevitable that these housing developments will be hit by flooding at one time or another, and that development should never have been allowed, given the risks and the cost of flooding.

Sources: BBC; Denbighshire Council

Here is a video clip from November, showing the extent of the flooding and the damage it caused to the local communties of North Wales:

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  1. I checked out the video clip. Walking waist high in flood water along your own street must be a very odd feeling.

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