Flooding in UK 2007

2007 is regarded as one of the worst years in recent times for flooding in the United Kingdom. Much of the flooding occurred during a period between June and July. The most affected region was England, especially the southern parts, although Licolnshire and Yorkshire in the north of England, Wales (especially the south) Northern Ireland and Scotland (especially the Lowlands), were aslo badly affected. Thousands of people were forced to leave their homes. Road and rail networks were severly disrputed, and agriculture and crops in various regions were devestated.

The floods were a result of the huge amounts of rainfall in the UK for May, June and July of that year – some of the wettest months on record, with double the normal or average amount of rain. Across the United Kingdom, the June rainfall was around 14 centimetres, and another 12 cm in July.

The Environment Agency, a governemt department, described the flooding and huge rainfall “phenomenal”. A spokesman from the agency said:

“We’ve had a sixth of the annual rainfall in 12 hours. Climate change experts tell us that this is the sort of thing we need to expect for the future.”

Overall the floods were estimated to have cost around £6 billion (UK Pounds) in damage, and the military service were required to help the clear up programme. Later the military services described the task as one of the largest rescue efforts they have ever carried out during peace time.

The photo below shows the train tracks just along from the mainline train station in Newbury, Berkshire. This is the south east of England, one of the most densely poulated areas in Europe.

The most severe floods occurred across Northern Ireland on 12 June; East Yorkshire and The Midlands on 15 June; Yorkshire, The Midlands, Gloucestershire, Herefordshire and Worcestershire on 25 June; and Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Oxfordshire, Berkshire and South Wales on 28 July.

Newbury Train Station 5

Further floods were to hit Britain in 2009.

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  1. The home town of my parents’ was flooded during 2007. Their house escaped relatively undamaged, but parts of the town suffered really badly. It took about 6 months for a neighbour’s house to completely dry out.

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