UK – More Evacuations in England as Rivers Remain High

Flooding has promoted more evacuations in parts of England as rivers remain high after heavy rain from storms Ciara and Dennis.

East Yorkshire

Around 60 homes were evacuated in East Cowick and Snaith in East Yorkshire after the River Aire broke its banks.

Humberside Police and Humberside Fire and Rescue Service said 52 homes in Snaith had been evacuated and 14 in East Cowick. East Riding of Yorkshire Council said 160 properties were at risk.

The River Aire at nearby Chapel Haddlesey reached near record levels of 3.42 metres on 25 February. Flooding occurs in this area when the river is at 1.34 metres.

West Midlands

Meanwhile flooding along the Severn River is still causing major problems in parts of the West Midlands.

On 26 February, homes were evacuated in the Ironbridge area of Shropshire after flood barriers failed. Barriers have been holding back water from the swollen Severn River for around the last 10 days. The Environment Agency said flood water along the Wharfage in Ironbridge could get to 1.8 metres deep.

As of early 27 February, the level of the River Severn at the nearby Buildwas Gauge was 6.50 metres and falling slowly. A peak level of 6.79 metres occurred on the morning of 26 February.

The Severn has also overtopped flood defences in Bewdley, Worcestershire, about 45 km south. About 40 properties are thought to be either flooded or at risk. The Severn reached 5.48 metres during the evening of 26 February and appeared to be falling slowly on 27 February. The highest level recorded at this location is 5.56 metres on 02 November, 2000.

Flood Response to Continue for 10 Days

Deputy Chief Constable Julian Moss, from West Mercia Police, said in a statement:

“We would like to reassure everyone that the emergency multi-agency flood response is currently on-going within the villages and towns across Worcestershire and Shropshire and will remain in place for some time to come.

“We also want to reassure people that whilst we are responding to dynamic and evolving situations in particular places, we recognise that there are many places that are still flooded and have been for some time. There are still teams on the ground in those places.

“The multi-agency response is set to continue for the next ten days as the flood waters are set to recede quite slowly and are likely to be topped up again with additional rain over the weekend and at the end of next week. We would therefore ask people to take this into consideration when making accommodation arrangements for themselves and any pets or livestock.

“We encourage everyone to heed the flood advice and remain vigilant around flood water.”

Flooding in Worcester, England, after Storm Dennis, February 2020. Photo: West Mercia Police