Poll: Do You Have Flood Insurance?

After the survey about flood insurance, we wnated to do a quick poll ourselves, in order to get a feel for how many of us have specialist flood insurance, and hopefully prompt a few readers to offer their own experiences and advice.

In our post here about a recent survey done by Bankrate.com, we explained that over 80% of respondents understood that standard home owner insurance did not cover flood damage.  However, over 40% of people didn’t know whether their home was in an area considered by FEMA to be a high or moderate flood risk.

There was also some indication that changes to flood insurance last year, plus various price increases, have left people either confused as to whether they should purchase flood insurance, or in some cases simply unable to afford it.

So we wanted to ask you a simple question: If you live in an area that is a possible flood zone (could be in USA or elesewhere), do you have flood insurance?

Poll results:

The poll is now closed, but please feel free to leave a comment below, even if you didn’t vote. We are interested in your experience of floods and insurance, whether you are in America, Asia, Africa, Australia or Europe. We hope that this site will help thise who suffer under the threat of floods to share and help each other, so that we can all come to understand and deal with floods better.