Hesco Supplies Temporary Flood Barriers to UK’s Environment Agency

LEEDS, England, December 22, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Hesco, manufacturers of the patented flood barrier JACKBOX™, a lightweight recyclable flood wall, has successfully won the tender to become the sole supplier of one metre high temporary flood defences for the Environment Agency (EA).

JACKBOX™ flood barrier, a lightweight recyclable flood wall Photo: Hesco

The evaluation process for the Tender began in May 2016 and, based on the specific framework agreement outlined by the EA, a 100% pass rate was awarded to Hesco. This success follows the September win by Hesco of the EA tender to procure up to 10Km of temporary flood defence to be stored at strategic locations across the UK for emergency flood deployment.

JACKBOX was originally engineered for the US market; to provide a lightweight, cost effective solution for emergency flood protection where clean-up operations were difficult in vastly populated urban areas.

Mike Pickup, Head of Product Development, says:

“During last winter’s floods the Environment Agency were forced to use sandbag walls with limited effect due to the amount of water. The walls were slow to build and often futile against high volumes of water. Resources and time are limited during emergency flood situations and clean-up after the flood event can be gruelling and costly. The Environment Agency needed a cost effective, quick, efficient and robust solution that will protect homes and keeps emergency access routes open should floods strike again this winter.”

JACKBOX™ will now be used nationwide by the EA as part of their critical infrastructure and vulnerable areas protection plans, adding to their arsenal of equipment to better protect homes and business around the UK.

HESCO flood products provide support to utility providers, emergency services, and the general public around the world, they protect homes, keep emergency routes open and hospitals running during nature’s fiercest storms.

Whether to strengthen levees in the United States or defend homes from seasonal flooding in the UK, Hesco earth-filled flood barriers are rapidly deployable and readily available, with a supply chains renowned for emergency response and rapid deployment.

JACKBOX™ is a self-supporting, light and highly flexible solution, creating an earth-filled barrier that protects against flood.

Each unit can be carried by two people, is self-supporting and can be positioned and filled with ease.

During clean up after the flood event, an 80ft JACKBOX flood barrier can be cleared away using Manual Handling Equipment in less than 40 minutes.

Source: PRNewswire