An Overview of Flood Protection

Here’s a useful little video produced by Gloucestershire County Council, a local government in the south of England. The video itself is a little poorly produced – there’s a lot of background noise – but makes a good start for anyone anticipating floods in their area. It is especially useful for UK homeowners.

There are very many products out there to help protect your home or property from floods. And it seems that things have moved on greatly since the days of laying a wall of sandbags in front of doors. Indeed sandbags seem to get quite a bad press these days as an outdated solution to flooding. The video states that sandbags merely filter water rather than prevent it coming into a building. A much better solution would be the gel filled type of bag, some of which can absorb around 20 liters of water. Also discussed are products such as door boards, which fit or clip quickly and easily over the lower reaches of an exterior door, and specialist flood protection doors.

Other useful products include a toilet seal that will prevent back-fill water coming up through the toilet and into your home. Obviously an anti back-fill valve on the toilet system would be a longer term, full-time solution. But these need to be professionally fitted, so the toilet seal is quite a useful, instant and short-term solution.

The video also dicusses products such as flood alarms, which can be used to alert anyone inside the home when flood waters are coming close. These can be fitted wherever you may choose – in the video it is suggested they be fitted somewhere at the far reaches of the garden of the house, to give maximum time to prepare for the flood.

The video refers to the UK Flood Forum Blue Pages, which can be found here. It offers a directory of flood protection products. However, since the Flood Forum is a charity, it must stay impartial and avoids any recommendations of products that offer flood protection. We are hoping FloodList can offer a useful forum for anyone who has had experience of their property suffering from floods to be able to offer tips and advice to our visitors.

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  1. I never knew sandbags were so out of favor. It would be the first thing I’d have looked for.

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