Understanding Risk BC 2020 – Online Symposium for Risk Reduction Strategies

The Understanding Risk BC (URBC) 2020 symposium is taking place now through November, with online sessions for inspiration and collaboration to enhance resilience and improve disaster recovery.

Hundreds of engaged planners, engineers, policy-makers, researchers, students, and citizens will connect for the URBC 2020 online event series.

This August through November, URBC 2020 is offering a mix of online events that foster place-based risk reduction strategies. Each session contributes to enhancing resilience and improving disaster recovery pathways in British Columbia, Canada, but not only.

Several sessions will focusing on risk related to flood and sea level rise, including advancements in flood risk assessments in the region, a draft multi-partner strategy to reduce coastal flood risk, and best practices in developing coastal flood scenarios for adaptation and risk reduction.

With over 20 interactive online workshops and insightful webinars, URBC 2020 will explore:

  • Risk reduction ‘big moves’ to support a resilient 2050 in the Lower Mainland
  • Advances in hazard and risk assessments for our region
  • Coordinated governance of disaster and climate risk management in BC
  • Grounding our resilience through Indigenous approaches to wellness
  • Seismic risk reduction tensions and incentives
  • Strategies to reduce Fraser River and coastal flood risk in the Lower Mainland
  • Financial incentives for investing in risk reduction and adaptation
  • Development in hazardous areas: challenges and opportunities
  • And more…

Review the detailed program on the Understanding Risk BC website here.

URBC is the regional event connected to the global Understanding Risk (UR) community, an open community of over 6,500 experts and practitioners interested and active in disaster risk identification. The conference builds on the conversations and collaborations sparked during the Understanding Risk BC 2017 and 2018 events. This year’s URBC Symposium is hosted by Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) and the Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) Pathways Project.

Register at understanding-risk-bc-2020.eventbrite.com and follow #URBC2020 on LinkedIn and Twitter.