1 Dead and 100s Displaced After Floods in Tanzania

Heavy rain fell on Tuesday 21 January and Wednesday 22 January 2014 in the Manyara, Morogoro and Dodoma regions of Tanzania, causing severe floods.

The worst affected area was Kiteto Mountains region. Transport and communications have been badly disrupted, particularly since roads and a bridge was damaged in Kilosa District, blocking the road that connects Morogoro and Dodoma regions. Many journeys between Dar es Salaam and Mwanza have also been affected by the bridge collapse.

Run-off from the mountainous area affected several low lying villages, including Mateteni, Mbigiri, Mabana. Many residents of the villages had to leave their homes immediately. Others sought safety on the roofs of their homes. One person, a man from Mateteni village, died in the flood water.

Such heavy rainfall in January is fairly unusual for Tanzania. Generally speaking, the main rainy season starts around March, and goes on through April and May (see photo below). This is known as the “long rains”. There is another, shorter rany season between November and December, known as the “short rains”.

flooded road tanzania
A flooded road in Tanzania, April 2013. Photo: twitter.com/PG_CSDW

Source: Daily News Tanzania