Over 60,000 Displaced by Flooding in Sudan and South Sudan

The rainy season has resulted in flooding in 8 states in Sudan, and severe flooding in South Sudan’s Unity state.

In Sudan over the last few days over 3,000 houses have been destroyed and over 6,000 families displaced by flooding. Eight states have been affected in total, although many of the displaced are from the states of River Nile and North Kordofah, in particular the Hamrat Alwiz area in Jabrat al-Shiekh locality where around 700 homes were destroyed.

The latest flooding comes just days after a state of emergency was called in Khartoum state. Sudan Vision are reporting that at least 14 people have been killed in flooding since 25 July 2014, including 11 that were killed in last week in the Omdadda neighbourhood in Omdurman, Khartoum state.

In South Sudan, as many as 42,000 have been displaced by flooding in Unity state. The conditions of the displaced is thought to be extremely poor. Many are without adequate shelter or food supplies and cases of malaria are increasing. Crops have also been destroyed, adding to fears of food shortages.