4 Dead After Flash Floods in Treviso, Italy

Four people died and 20 were injured in flash flooding in the village of Refrontolo, Province of Treviso in the Italian region Veneto, northern Italy.

The floods struck late on Saturday 2 August while the village was enjoying its annual festival. The village is situated on a stream which overflowed after a massive storm lasting around 90 minutes.

Refrontolo floods

Streets became rivers of mud as the flood waters as high as 1 metre caused several landslides and swept away cars. The floods came so suddenly that some of the festival goers were unable to escape the flood waters quickly, as the floods swept through the festival tents.

Emergency teams had to rescue people trapped in the floods, including several trapped in their own homes. The heavy rainfall also caused flooding in nearby towns of Tarzo, Zuel, Milies and Cison di Valmarino.