7 Dead in Algeria Floods

Flash floods in Algeria on Wednesday 09 October 2013 resulted in the deaths of at least 7 people.

Heavy rainfall led to rivers bursting their banks. The deaths occurred in 2 separate incidents. 5 people died in Djelfa after 2 vehicles were caught up in the flood waters from an overflowing river and were swept away. Djelfa is a normally arid region on the edges of the Sahara.

The two other deaths occurred in Barhoum in Msila province, after the Soubella river burst its banks. Hundreds of people living alongside the river were forced to flee their homes and take temporary refuge in nearby schools. The neighbouring province of Setif also suffered from flash floods.

Several houses and buildings in the town of Ghilassa in Bordj Bou Arreridj province, collapsed as a result of the floods. It is not know if there have been any casualties. Some reports claim around 50 houses were completely destroyed, with a further 250 suffering damage of some kind. The damaged buildings also included a primary school. Many of the local roads were also damaged in the floods. Emergency teams have carried out evacuations, and food and other relief, including tents, have been sent to the affected areas.

Floods in early September in eastern Algeria left 5 people dead and hundreds of families displaced. Flash floods also hit Adrar state in southern Algeria in August this year.

EU – Algeria Flood Research
Recently the European Union announced that it is to fund a study into flooding in Algeria, expected to cost around 1.2 million Euros, which is to start at the end of October 2013, with results expected in around 2 years. The study will look at flood data for Algeria in an attempt to identify causes of floods and coherent and effective forms of prevention.

Sources and Photo: Algerie 1