(Updated) Angola – Floods in Cuanza Sul, Malanje and Lunda Sul Provinces

Update, 18 March 2020:

Further heavy rain has caused more flooding and damages in Angola, this time in the southern province of Huíla.

Angola news agency ANGOP reported on 17 March that at least 48 families displaced as a result of heavy rain in the city of Lubango that began around 14 March . As many as 6 homes were completely destroyed and a further 8 homes damaged.

Lubango is the capital of the Huíla Province, with a population of over 750,000.

Original Report, 15 March 2020:

Heavy rain over the last week days has caused flooding in several provinces in Angola, including Cuanza Sul and Malanje and parts of Lunda Sul Province. The southern province of Cunene has also seen some flooding, closing schools in Namacunde.

According to the Angola news agency ANGOP (Agência Angola Press), heavy rain in recent days caused flooding in the municipality of Quilenda in the province of Cuanza Sul, displacing around 270 families.

ANGOP also reported that more than 2,000 families have been affected by flooding in the municipality of Saurimo, province of Lunda Sul. Since January this year, flooding has damaged or destroyed more than 430 homes. At least 2 fatalities were reported in Saurimo. One victim died when a building collapsed and another after being swept away by flood water.

Meanwhile in Malanje Province, one person died after heavy rain triggered flash flooding in Malanje City on 10 March. Also in Malanje province, flooding damaged a bridge in Luquembo municipality leaving some communities isolated. Flooding has affected parts of Luquembo since mid-February.

Further south, flooding in Cunene Province since the beginning of March has caused disruption and school closures in the municipality of Namacunde, affecting thousands of students.

Recently the governor of Huambo Province reported that heavy rainfall between September 20191 and late February 2020 caused widespread damage and the deaths of 39 people in the province.

In a statement of 10 March, Governor Joana Lina said over 9,000 people were displaced after flooding damaged or destroyed almost 2,000 homes. Schools, roads, bridges and farmland were also damaged. The governor said several rivers in the province, including the Culimahãla, Cunene and Queve, broke their banks.