Angola – Heavy Rains Cause Death and Damages in 5 Provinces

Severe weather including heavy rain and flooding has caused fatalities and damages in five provinces of Angola over the last few weeks.

Several incidents of severe weather were reported in the province of Huambo during December 2022. Authorities reported at least 11 people lost their lives, many as a result of electrocution after power lines came into contact with rain or flood waters.

On 15 December 2022, flooding struck in the city of Soyo, province of Zaire, damaging over 100 homes.

On 28 December 2022 around 100 homes and several public buildings were flooded in the city of Menongue, in Cuando Cubango Province. Strong winds were also reported at the time. Around 160 people were displaced.

On 02 January 2023, a hospital was damaged by floods after heavy rain in the city of Moçâmedes, the capital of Namibe Province. Around 300 patients were affected. More than 100 homes in the city were also damaged.

Two young people died after heavy rain caused a house to collapse in the municipality of Matala, Huíla province, on 04 January 2023.

Camona in Huíla province recorded 81 mm of rain in 24 hours to 01 January 2023. The following day the city of Cuíto, formerly known as Silva Porto, capital of Bié Province, recorded 106.9 mm of rain and the city of Huambo recorded 85 mm.