Indonesia – Deadly Flash Floods on Java Island

Disaster authorities in Indonesia report at least 2 people have died after flash floods in Central Java Province on the island of Java. Flooding has also affected parts of Banten Province over the last few days.

Central Java Province

Flooding struck in Tembalang District, Semarang City, on 06 January 2023 after heavy rain caused an embankment along the Pengkol River to break, folding a housing complex. Semarang City Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) said teams worked diligently to rescue one person from a flooded house. Unfortunately, the victim sustained injuries and passed away, authorities said.

A total of 147 residents were affected by the floods, which have since receded but left behind large amounts of debris, garbage and mud carried by the currents.

The previous day flooding struck in nearby Grobogan Regency, also in Central Java Province. One person died in Brati District whilst attempting to cross a bridge on a vehicle.

At least 20 houses suffered severe flood damage in Purwodadi District after the Lusi River broke its banks. A further 10 homes were damaged by floods in Penawangan District.

Banten Province

Also on Java Island, flooding affected areas of Serang Regency in Banten Province on 03 January 2023. Disaster authorities reported around 1,500 people were affected across the districts of Cikeusal, Bandung, Jawilan, Kopo, Tunjung Teja, Cikande, Kragilan, Tirtayasa, Cinangka and Binuang.

A total of 209 houses were flooded, along with public buildings including a school, and around 5 hectares of rice fields.

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