Burundi – Thousands Affected by Rising Levels of Lake Tanganyika Says UN

The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA) reported on 25 April 2021 that flooding from the rising Lake Tanganyika had affected thousands of families in areas of Burundi over the last few weeks.

Lake Tanganyika from Bujumbura to Congo hills. Photo: Avaadhesh under CC BY-SA 4.0

Levels of the lake have been slowly rising since February 2021. Heavy rainfall since the start of April has worsened the situation with further rainfall predicted until mid-May.

As of 19 April 2021, the level of Lake Tanganyika at the port of Bujumbura stood at 776.45 metres above sea level. The average level is 772.7 metres. Media said if the level exceeds 777 metres, areas around Bujumbura port will be flooded.

UNOCHA reported around 8,000 families have been affected and 2,000 displaced by flooding in lakeside communities including Bugarama, Kanyenkoko, Muhuta, Nyanza-Lac, Gatumba, Rukaramu, Kibenga, Gisyo and Kabondo.

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