Kenya – Hundreds Displaced by Floods in Migori County

Hundreds of families have been displaced by flooding in western Kenya over the last few days.

Floods in Migori County, Kenya, April 2021. Photo: KRCS

Kenya Red Cross (KRCS) said heavy rains caused devastation in Kakelo Kakoth sub-location in Migori county from 23 April 2021. KRCS reported around 200 households were affected, while Kenya media, quoting local officials, reported those 200 families as displaced.  Flooding affected other areas of the county, with around 100 families displaced in Karapolo and West Kanyuor. Floods have also destroyed crops and roads in the area.

While heavy rain and flooding affects western parts of the country, drought conditions endure in north-eastern areas. NDTV in Kenya recently reported that thousands of households in Marsabit County are in need of food aid as a result.

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