Burundi – Over 1,000 Displaced After Heavy Rain in North West

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) reports that 3 people died and over 1,000 people were displaced after a period of heavy rain and flooding in Burundi during late January 2020.

Flooding and heavy rain in north western parts of the country between 19 and 27 January, 2020, affected 2,697 people and displaced 1,014. As many as 179 homes were destroyed and around 400 other damaged.

According to IOM, 3 people died in Ntahangwa, a commune of Bujumbura Mairie Province close to Bujumbura city. Heavy rain and flooding that began around 24 January displaced 366 people and destroyed 48 homes in Ntahangwa.

Fourteen people were injured in Mpanda, Bubanza, after heavy rain on 21 January. Around 13 homes were destroyed and 74 people displaced.

Among the worst affected areas is Gihanga in Bubanza Province, where 433 people were displaced, 86 homes destroyed and 175 damaged. People were also displaced in Bubanza (43), Musigati (25) in Bubanza Province, after 30 homes were destroyed, and in Mutimbuzi, Bujumbura Rural Province, where 73 people were displaced.

A further 111 people were displaced as a result of strong winds in Rutana Province in the south east of Burundi, where 6 people were injured.

Fourteen people died and 33 were injured after torrential rain caused flash flooding in the city of Bujumbura in December 2019.

Heavy rain recently affected parts of neighbouring Rwanda, where at least 13 people have died in floods or landslides since early February.

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