Cameroon – Deadly Landslide in Yaoundé

A massive landslide struck in the city of Yaoundé, capital of Cameroon, on 27 November 2022. Media report at least 14 fatalities.

The landslide occurred late on 27 November in the Antenne Damas neighbourhood in Yaounde, Centre Region. The victims were gathered for a religious service near a soccer pitch at the base of a 20 metre high soil embankment, which then collapsed. The cause of the collapse is not clear. Some media reports speculated that it was triggered by heavy rain.

Governor of Centre Region, Naseri Paul Bea, visited the area. He said at least 14 people had died. Quoting sources at the site of the disaster, the Cameroon News Agency (CNA) said 20 people lost their lives. As of 28 November rescuers were still working in the area searching for further victims. At least 10 people were injured and taken to hospital.

The governor stressed that there is a risk of further landslides and that local residents should evacuate the area.

Heavy rain on 30 June this year caused flooding in parts of Yaoundé. Streets were flooded and vehicles stranded. Local media reported one person died as a result.

Cameroon’s Far North Region has been struggling with floods since August this year. As of 01 November around 150,000 people had been affected and over 18,000 homes destroyed. Furthermore dozens of cases of cholera had also been reported,

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