DR Congo – More Landslides in East Leave at Least 9 Dead

More heavy rainfall in eastern parts of Democratic Republic of the Congo has triggered yet another deadly landslide. At least 57 people have now died as a result of landslides in the region since mid-November.

The landslide occurred Kalehe Territory in South Kivu Province. Local media, quoting local officials, said at least 9 people had lost their lives and a further 20 were injured.

Heavy rain late on 29 November 2022 caused several rivers and streams to break their banks, which in turn triggered a landslide in the village of Murambi. As many as 50 houses are thought to have been destroyed, leaving dozens homeless.

As of 30 November, search and rescue operations were continuing in search for other victims feared buried in the landslide.

Meanwhile heavy rain has caused flooding in the neighbouring province of North Kivu. Five houses were destroyed and several others damaged by floods in Kasindi, in Beni territory, close to the border with Uganda.

The disaster in Kalehe Territory is the third major landslide in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo in the last few weeks. At least 32 people lost their lives in landslides in the mining towns of Rubaya and Bihambwe in the chiefdom of Bahunde, Masisi Territory in North Kivu Province on 17 and 18 November.

On 21 November at least 16 people died in a landslide in Kamituga Town, South Kivu Province. The town was the scene of a similar tragic incident in September 2020 where around 50 people lost their lives.