Democratic Republic of the Congo – More Deadly Floods and Landslides in Eastern Provinces

More people have died as a result of heavy rain, landslides and flooding in eastern provinces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DR Congo).

The region saw heavy rainfall from late April 2022. As previously reported, a landslide occurred in Kadutu commune of Bukavu, capital of South Kivu Province on 25 April. At least 8 people died and 9 were seriously injured. Since then the rain has continued, affecting Maniema, North Kivu and South Kivu provinces.

Landslide South Kivu DR Congo April 2022 – Benefit Zihindula Tchimbamulume Twitter @BTchimbamulume

Heavy rain from 26 to 27 April caused landslides and flooding in Kalehe territory in South Kivu, where at least 4 fatalities were reported. ACAPS, an organisation providing independent humanitarian analysis, said that “7,500 people were displaced in Bushushu village, Kalehe territory (South Kivu) following heavy rains on 27 April and overflow of the Cishova River. Landslide resulted in the deaths of at least four people and several others injured. At least 400 houses were damaged by flooding and more than 200 others completely destroyed. Public buildings such as schools were also destroyed.”

Local media in DR Congo reported that heavy rainfall during the same time caused a severe landslide in Walungu in South Kivu, leaving 5 people dead, 9 injured and several houses destroyed.

The United Nations, quoting sources from Caritas, reported on 27 April that more than 30,000 people in the communes of Mikelenge, Alunguli and Kasuku in the province of Maniema were affected by flooding following heavy rain since around 20 April.

Local media reported damage to around 40 homes in Kambau in Lubero territory in North Kivu Province after heavy rain on 04 May 2022.