Colombia – Thousands Affected as Floods Damage Homes in Antioquia

Flooding has affected over 5,000 residents and damaged around 1,000 homes in Apartadó in Antioquia Department, Colombia, local authorities report.

Apartadó saw some heavy rainfall on 02 May, causing flooding in the municipality which affected around 500 people. Around 163 mm of rain fell in 24 hours to 02 May 2022.

Further heavy rainfall caused the overflow of the Apartadó River on 10 May. According to national Civil Defence reports, 5,100 people have been affected, with around 1,000 homes suffering damage and 2 homes completely destroyed.

Further south, heavy rain on 07 May caused some urban flooding in Medellín which disrupted traffic and public transport in the city. Around the same time a landslide struck in Itagüí to the south of the city, leaving 2 homes damaged and affecting 50 people. Municipal officials in Itagüí declared a local state of emergency in response to the ongoing heavy rains.

The department has experienced heavy rain and flooding since late April. Around 23 April, floods in Rionegro affected around 40 people, while 1,250 people were affected and 250 houses damaged in Caucasia municipality after the Cauca river overflowed. Authorities reported the Cauca river flooded areas of Cáceres municipality, affecting 359 families.

Further reports from national Civil Defence showed flooding along the Cauca River from 29 April. One person died, 2,100 were affected, 10 homes destroyed and 470 damaged in Tarazá. At the same time flooding also affected 3,200 residents of Cáceres where 80 homes were damaged, and 80 people in Nechí. The Cauca river remained above the danger mark in Tarazá as of 08 May 2022.