Democratic Republic of the Congo – 20 Killed in North Kivu Landslide

At least 20 people died after a landslide struck in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) on 02 April 2023.

The disaster occurred in the village of Bulwa in the Masisi territory of the North Kivu Province. News media in the country, quoting local officials and observers, said provisional figures show at least 19 people were killed and that the search for other victims was to continue.

The Provincial deputy of North Kivu, Alexis Bahunga, gave an update on the situation in a statement of early 03 April 2023. The Deputy said:

“More than 20 people have died in a landslide this Sunday 02.03.2023 in Bulwa, Gpt Buabo, in Masisi Territory; I offer my condolences to the population of Buabo and ask the Govt to assist these victim families by organizing a dignified funeral.”

Heavy rain has also affected South Kivu Province in recent days and road traffic linking the city of Uvira to Bukavu was suspended.

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