Colombia – Floods Destroy Homes in Cauca, 1,500 Families Affected

Heavy rain in the Cauca Department of Colombia has taken its toll over the last few days, with hundreds of families affected by flooding and landslides in the municipalities of Suarez, Caloto, La Vega, Jambaló and Santander de Quilichao.

Floods destroyed homes in Suarez, Cauca, Colombia, March 2023. Photo: Oficina de Gestión del Riesgo de Desastres, Cauca

Several rivers including the Quilichao River broke their banks in Santander de Quilichao on 24 March 2023. The local government reported one fatality and more than 500 families affected.

Cauca disaster authorities reported flooding in Caloto after the overflow of the El Palo River, also on 24 March.

A landslide occurred in the La Vega municipality on 24 March, affecting 65 people. A landslide was also reported in Jambalo municipality on 24 March. Ten homes were damaged and 30 people were affected.

A period of heavy rain on 27 March triggered severe flash floods in Suarez Municipality. The city of Suarez sits on the banks of the Cauca River. However, disaster authorities said flooding occurred after several streams broke their banks following the heavy downpour.

Around 13 neighbourhoods in the municipality were affected and over 1,600 buildings were damaged, including 2 schools. At least 250 buildings were severely damaged and 10 were destroyed.

Teams from the police, military, fire departments and disaster agencies are assisting over 1,000 families affected.

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