Djibouti – 8 Killed in Flash Floods

At least 8 people have died in flash flooding in Djibouti.

Djibouti city and surrounding areas were the worst affected after flash flooding struck on 21 April after overnight heavy rain. The UN in Djibouti said initial estimates indicate that some 18,000 households (approximately 110,000 persons) were affected across Djibouti city and its suburb of Balbala.

The fatalities occurred when a house was washed away by the floodwater. The house was situated near a seasonal river (oued) that separates Djibouti town from Balbala

In a report of 21 April, the UN in Djibouti said: “in the night between 20 and 21 April, Djibouti city received 80 mm of rainfall in few hours (half of the annual average), triggering widespread flash floods. Heavy rains also occurred in other areas of the country, causing some damages. In Arta province some 100 mm of rainfall were recorded in the same time span in Damerjog, Chebelley; 110 mm in Iskoutir; and 80mm in PK20. In ali Sabieh province, the capital received 60mm of rainfall, and the refugee village of Ali Addeh 70mm.”

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