DR Congo – Deadly Floods Hit Kinshasa

Heavy rain caused flash floods in Kinshasa, capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, from around 04 October, 2019, leaving at least 6 people dead and around 30 houses destroyed. Further heavy rain and floods hit the city from 14 October.

According to media reports, 5 people died when a building collapsed in Selembao municipality, south of Kinshasa. As many as 30 houses collapsed in Selembao as a result of the rain and floods. A sixth victim died after she was electrocuted. Local media added that around 7 people were seriously injured.

Further heavy rain from 14 October caused more flooding in the city, in particular in the districts of Lemba, Salongo and Livulu.

Fatal floods are frequent in Kinshasa and the recent flooding has once again brought the city’s crumbling housing and poor infrastructure, in particular lack of adequate drainage, under scrutiny. Local observers says the city’s rivers and drainage channels are completely bocked with waste and debris, in particular plastic.

In January 2018, over 30 people were killed after severe flash floods and landslides hit Kinshasa.

It was a similar story in November 2015 when over 20 people died in floods in the city.

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