Ethiopia – Hundreds Displaced by Floods in Afar Region

The Awash River has broken its banks in northern Ethiopia, flooding areas of Afar Region.

Fana Broadcasting Corporate (FBC) News Agency reported on 08 August that the overflowing Awash River caused flooding in Asayta in Ethiopia’s Afar Region. Around 100 families moved from their homes to safer ground. Over 50 hectares of farmland was damaged.

Flooding affected thousands of people in the region from late April to early May 2021. Around 27,400 people were displaced in Gulina, Ewa, and Beyalo, Dulecha, Harunka, and Mile Woredas.

Featured image: File photo for illustration only. Floods in Ethiopia, 2006. Photo: Andrew Heavens / Flickr, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0