China – 80,000 Evacuate Floods in Sichuan

Over 80,000 people have evacuated their homes in responses to flooding in wide area of Sichuan Province, southwestern China.

The province has seen heavy rain since 06 August. China’s National Meteorological Center figures show that in a 24 hour period to late 08 August, Qu County in Sichuan saw 334.0 mm of rain and Dazhou city 325.3 mm.

Quoting sources from Sichuan Department of Water Resources, local media in Sichuan said tributaries of the Fujiang, Jialing and Qujiang rivers experienced significant increases. Levels are above the danger mark in 4 locations with more likely over the coming days.

As of 09 August, more than 440,000 people in 119 towns and villages in 19 districts or cities in the province have been affected. A total of 80,794 people have been transferred to safer areas. Almost 20 homes have been severely damaged or have collapsed. There were no reports of injuries or casualties.

One of the hardest hit areas is the city of Dazhou where emergency workers have used boats to reach people stranded in flood waters. Other severely affected cities include Bazhong and Nanchong.

The province saw flooding last month after days of heavy rain from 09 July 2021. Media reported 100,000 evacuated in Bazhong. A total of 589,400 people were affected across the province. Media said the floods caused $27 million in damages.

In August last year heavy rain in the province caused flooding along the Yangtze river and its tributaries, resulting in the evacuation of over 200,000 people.

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