USA – Flash Floods Hit Omaha, Nebraska After Heavy Rain

Areas around the city of Omaha, Nebraska, saw severe flash flooding after a storm dumped over 5 inches (127 mm) of rain late on 07 August 2021.

In some of the worst flooding in 20 years, areas of downtown Omaha were under water after rain flowed to lower lying areas of the city. Several motorists and their vehicles were left stranded in the water, while dozens of parked cars were also damaged.

Two people took refuge on the roof of a vehicle that had become stranded in flood water. They were later rescued by police and bystanders. Videos shared on Social Media showed dramatic footage of people trapped in a flooded elevator. The three managed to escape safely.

National Weather Service Omaha said “radar estimated rainfall shows that portions of Polk, Butler, Saunders, and Cass Counties have soaked up 4-5+” (100 to 127 mm) of rain.

Omaha Police Department said on 08 August, “Though the severe weather and heaviest rain has ended, please use caution while traveling in various areas of Omaha. There are reports of manhole covers missing, debris in the roadways, as well as flooding/standing water.”

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