Ethiopia – Thousands Displaced by Floods in Afar, SNNP and Somali Regions

The UN reported on 13 May that flooding in 3 regions of Ethiopia that began in late April has displaced around 70,000 people.

According to a recent report by UNOCHA (covering the period 26 April to 10 May 2021) flooding has affected thousands of people across the Afar, SNNP and Somali regions of Ethiopia.

In Afar Region, around 27,400 people have been displaced by flooding due to heavy rain and winds in Gulina, Ewa, and Beyalo, Dulecha, Harunka, and Mile Woredas.

In Southern Nations, Nationalities, and People’s Region (SNNP) Region, hailstorms have damaged crops in Chama Hembecho and Afama Mino Kebeles of Boloso Sore Woreda in Wolayta Zone and some 250 hectares of land has been flooded in Abela Abaya Woreda.

UNOCHA added that 7 people died and around 11,200 households have been displaced by flooding due to heavy Gu rains in Shabelle, Jarar, Dolo, Afder, Fafan, and Korahe Zones of Somali Region.

The 7 fatalities in Somali Region brings the total number of flood-related deaths in the country to 16. As previously reported, 9 people died in Dire Dawa City following the collapse of a wall due to heavy rains on 02 May 2021.

Currently severe flooding is also affected the neighbouring countries of Kenya and Somalia.